Summer Nature

Le Monde Issue

The World as it is now brings me so many emotions.
So much joy and often sadness.
I once heard someone say “you have to go through darkness to enjoy the light even more”.
This generation I am a part of is a chaotic but beautiful one. One that wants to bring everyone together. One that is unrooted in society’s standards but very much rooted in the present. As a hyper sensitive person, I have slowly felt the shift in people’s minds over the years. The World as I perceive it is through the eyes of hundreds of people within my generation, they are the ones who inspire me to create. Struggling and fighting to find their place, all while learning to listen to themselves. Following the rhythms of the seasons, of their emotions. I want my work to show just this, the duality of the World we live in, both hopeful and nostalgic. Part darkness, part light.
The trips I will continue making, the people I will be meeting, all this diversity in places, colors, personalities is the World I want to capture and remember.

Photo & Words
Paloma Saint Lèger

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